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There are many gyms near me, but which ones are the best? Here are a few recommendations. If you are looking to lose weight and improve your health, consider joining a gym near you. These facilities provide the best equipment for each part of your body. They can also help you get motivated to workout. Trainers and fellow trainees can offer encouragement and help you reach your goals quickly. With proper motivation, you can work out more effectively than at home. Also, when you are exercising at home, you might find excuses to avoid exercising, but at the gym, you are held accountable for your fitness. To see Powerlifting Gyms Near Me follow the link.

Here is a list of all US gyms that are near me and are open for business right now.

Select your favorite gyms from the list and discover if there is one open near you right now.

gyms near me open

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YouFit gyms near me offer a variety of fitness programs and services. In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for example, there are several locations offering cardio machines and personal training. These clubs also have group workout classes and a variety of weight lifting equipment. Whether you prefer to do your workout alone or with a group, YouFit health clubs are the perfect choice for your fitness needs.

The Youfit chain has been facing a difficult time of late, with several locations closing down due to the COVID pandemic. The company had been struggling financially prior to the outbreak of the pandemic, but has now faced an even more difficult time staying afloat. In fact, YouFit may be closing 100 of its locations in order to remain in business.

Youfit has convenient hours. Most of its clubs are open Monday through Friday, with varying hours for each location. Hours will be listed online, but it is best to check the actual hours of each location. Some Youfit locations are open until 12:00 AM, while others are closed all day.


If you’re looking for a gym that offers an amazing workout, look no further than Crunch. They offer a wide variety of class options and the latest fitness equipment. They also have instructors who are full of energy and enthusiasm. Plus, you can shop for everything you need to smash your workout, from trendy athleisure to pre/post-workout fuel. You can even get your hands on Crunch’s famous Hyperice products.

Crunch’s memberships come in many different types and allow you to customize your experience. You can even earn $300 worth of membership credits by meeting fitness goals. You can also book classes in advance with the Crunch app. The app also lets you save your favorite classes. Plus, you can easily find the best time of day to work out.

There are 32 Crunch fitness locations across the USA. You can find one in your area by sorting by state and looking at a map. You can also look up the location’s gps coordinates, phone number, and customer reviews and ratings.


Sweat440 is a state-of-the-art fitness facility located in the Financial District. It offers a variety of group fitness classes. These sessions feature four fitness stations where members can perform three sets of three exercises for 45 seconds, followed by 15 seconds of rest. The class moves through a circuit, allowing new small groups to join every 10 minutes.

You don’t have to sign a contract or pay a fee to join Sweat440. There are flexible membership plans, and you can stop whenever you like. You can even pay per session or choose a monthly unlimited membership. You can sign up for multiple sessions and work out at your convenience.

There are many reasons to become a member of Sweat440. They offer a variety of fitness classes, including high-intensity cardio and free-weight exercises. These classes target all major muscles. They combine resistance training, strength training, and cross-training into a unique, highly effective workout.


If you are looking for a gym with a high-end brand and a high-end experience, Equinox is one of the best options. While you can try out any Equinox location, most of them are centered in midtown Manhattan. These locations are popular with white-collar professionals who want to work out in a convenient location close to their workplace. Some of these gyms are notable for their design, while others are more about the experience they provide. One example is the Equinox Bryant Park location. With its glass and concrete exterior and subterranean interior, the Bryant Park location feels both large and warm.

Although the gyms at the Rockefeller Center are the most expensive, they are well worth it for the great views and amenities. These gyms have lounge chairs, saunas, and steam rooms. Many of these gyms even have heated yoga studios. They are also located near the Times Square Olive Garden and the M&M’s store.

Gold’s Gym

Gold’s Gym is a chain of international co-ed fitness centers founded by Joe Gold in Venice Beach, California. It offers a variety of cardio and strength training equipment as well as group exercise classes and programs. The chain has recently moved its headquarters from Venice Beach to Dallas. In addition to its flagship location in Venice, California, the company has locations in other cities around the world.

Gold’s Gym also offers personal training. This service can be particularly beneficial if you are a newbie to working out. However, it is not essential if you are an experienced exerciser. It can be helpful to schedule a personal training session ahead of time but should only be scheduled once you know you can make it.

The gym also has a free trial program for new members. During the free trial, Gold’s staff will do a brief fitness assessment. They will also measure your body fat percentage. In addition, they’ll give you some nutritional advice and suggest weight progression.

UFC Gym – Northbridge

The UFC Gym is located in SoHo, New York. It offers kickboxing conditioning and mixed martial arts to its members, along with other fitness services. Its supportive community pushes its members to improve and continue their personal growth. This gym in the heart of Manhattan offers a unique experience for fitness enthusiasts.

It’s a great choice for tourists visiting the Northbridge area of Los Angeles. It is located strategically in the heart of the neighborhood, making it an ideal choice for a day trip. The facility features spacious training zones and a variety of martial arts programs. In addition, it offers convenient day passes to travelers.

The UFC Gym provides a unique and comprehensive fitness experience for every fitness level and athletic ability. It features weightlifting, mixed martial arts, and self-defense classes. The facility also features a full-sized swimming pool and a basketball court. It’s the perfect place for fitness destination franchisees and aspiring mixed martial artists alike.

Equinox Printing House

If you are looking for a good gym near me, you should consider Equinox. Although their facilities are huge, they are not designed to feel crowded. They are located above 14th Street and Midtown Manhattan. The layout is ideal for both corporate convenience and exercise enthusiasts. This gym offers several amenities, including a spacious lobby and large exercise rooms.

This gym is a part of Equinox Hudson Yards. It is located on the ninth and tenth floors of the building. It boasts nice views and an outdoor pool. However, it does have many shortcomings, including an unusable locker room and poor hot water. The gym’s management demands an annual fee increase from its members. One time, they asked for a 20% increase! Other downsides of this gym include poor customer service, a lack of classes and a high membership fee.

One of the most iconic Equinox locations is the one in Columbus Circle, which turns into a corporate adrenaline rush at happy hour. This gym is also home to the Printing House, which is a popular spot for celebrities, and has even been visited by Claire Danes.

Workout Anytime

When it comes to fitness, Workout Anytime gyms are a great choice for those on a budget. They provide small-group training, which is ideal for people looking to increase their strength, cardiovascular fitness, and mobility. Plus, you can sign up for a free one-day trial and pay only five dollars per visit afterward. There are more than 100 locations nationwide. Workout Anytime has a “no frills” policy, which means that their prices are competitive. If you want to add some amenities to your membership, however, you can pay more.

There are some common complaints about Workout Anytime gyms. Some of the most common issues include being charged after you cancel your membership. In some cases, this happens even if you cancel a month or more before your session. The gyms have also been accused of misleading buyers of personal training packages into signing up for 12-month contracts.

Workout Anytime has several locations in the United States. They are expanding their location network. These facilities are open around the clock. You can sign up for monthly or annual memberships. There are different levels of membership, ranging from basic to premium. Some locations offer personal trainers and other services. Members can also choose from a variety of workout programs. Some of these include body-sculpting programs while others focus on cardio.