Affordable Gyms Near Me

If you’re looking for affordable gyms near me, you’ve come to the right place. While we’re accustomed to using Mother Nature for our workouts, it’s time to move indoors. There are a number of national fitness chains that offer cheap gym memberships and can help you achieve your fitness goals.

Find Affordable Gyms Near Me

Planet Fitness

If you’re on a budget but want a good workout, Planet Fitness is the perfect place for you. It offers a number of great amenities, including free Wi-Fi so you don’t waste data on your cell phone plan. The prices are also very reasonable, and there are no hidden fees. In fact, Planet Fitness offers the cheapest membership rates of any chain gym.

Planet Fitness offers many promotional events throughout the year, and you can take advantage of these deals to get your fitness on track. You can also purchase an annual membership for $39, and you don’t have to sign a contract to sign up. Some locations also offer special offers, such as the Fitness Training Program, which gives you personal training from a certified trainer. You can also sign up for 30 minute express circuit training classes and small group sessions with a trainer.

The company’s growth in recent years has reflected increased member satisfaction. Memberships and visits to Planet Fitness gyms have increased since members feel comfortable with the company’s health protocols. The company has over 2,200 locations across North America and Australia. And because the company has so many locations, they have the potential to expand their business internationally.

The gym’s prices are low, and you can work out anytime. You can also join the gym for a free three-day trial period. Then, you can pay $5.99 per visit or subscribe to a monthly membership for as little as $10. You can also attend yoga and group classes.

You can also transfer your membership from one Planet Fitness location to another. The Planet Fitness club executives will assist you with the transfer. You can change your location as long as you are a monthly member. If you are an annual member, however, you cannot transfer your membership from one club to another.

If you’re on a tight budget, you can also consider Blink Fitness and Anytime Fitness. Both gyms are located in several states and offer limited amenities, but they have extensive workout options. These gyms can be crowded during peak hours.

24-Hour Fitness

For those on a tight budget, 24-Hour Fitness offers gym memberships that are affordable and moderately priced. Depending on the location, memberships can range from $30 to $60 per month. Some locations even have student discounts. Memberships are available at the door or on a monthly basis.

24 Hour Fitness also offers corporate discounts. To take advantage of this offer, contact your employer to find out if you qualify. If you do, enter your corporate ID or discount code to get the discount. Alternatively, if you don’t have a corporate ID, you can always use your employer’s discount code.

24 Hour Fitness is a great choice for both experienced and new fitness enthusiasts. There are a range of weights to suit any fitness level, and they use high-quality barbells and bumper plates from Eleiko. There are also plenty of opportunities to perform barefoot squats and other exercises. CrossFitters will find the functional training area to be a useful addition to their training. The space is suitable for most WODs, although they lack a pull-up rig.

Membership is inexpensive, and the gym offers a 7-day free trial. There are also discounts available for military and corporate wellness programs. You can choose from a basic or premium membership. If you are a beginner to working out, the Basic membership costs about $10 per month.

Most 24 Hour Fitness locations offer a Kids’ Club. Others do not. Some also feature yoga classes or group classes. Some even feature juice bars or small pro shops. The cleanliness of the facilities varies among 24 Hour Fitness locations. Some locations have mold in the showers. In general, 24 Hour Fitness has a great reputation for quality and affordability, but there are some caveats.

24-Hour Fitness has great personal trainers, and they tend to be more effective than the personal trainers at other gyms. These trainers can help new members develop a workout routine and lose weight. Some also offer nutrition advice. However, not all of them are certified nutritionists, so you might want to work with a registered dietitian outside of the 24-Hour Fitness network.

Tone House

Whether you want to gain muscle or lose weight, Tone House is the place to go for the best strength & conditioning training in the area. Its competitive, team-oriented, and fun training sessions will ensure optimal fitness results. You can join any fitness level, and there is a session to meet your needs.

Tone House is a new brand of boutique gyms from Town Sports International, which has two other brands. The first, Boutique Fitness Experience, was launched in 2014, and Tone House is its second. All three locations are located in New York City. The fitness club is located at a convenient location near you.

Tone House is a strength and conditioning training studio in New York City. Founded by former college football player Alonzo Wilson, the gym offers professional-level sports conditioning to help you unlock your inner athlete. The studio offers multiple 60-minute classes that improve core strength and overall health. Members can sign up for a trial session for $40, or purchase an MVP pass to save money and get priority booking.

While many fitness clubs are pricey, this fitness studio offers an affordable option for those who are looking to get in shape. For $20 a month, you get access to all the gym’s basic equipment and unlimited guest privileges. This is a great deal for those who don’t want to spend a fortune on personal trainers.


Crunch fitness is a chain of affordable gyms, with headquarters in New York City. It has over 200,000 members and plans to expand. The company is also looking to expand through franchising. While the cost of membership varies depending on the location, it averages around $25 per month. Memberships include unlimited access to all gym equipment and services.

Each gym offers a unique combination of cardiovascular, strength, and functional training workouts. With classes ranging from HIIT to bodyweight classes, you’ll find a class to meet your fitness needs. Crunch also offers a sauna, kickboxing classes, and Pilates. And you’ll never feel bored, as there are hundreds of classes to choose from.

Whether you’re a newbie or an advanced athlete, Crunch has something for everyone. It offers state-of-the-art equipment and a warm, welcoming atmosphere, with plenty of space and dedicated staff. The enrollment fee is usually around $75, and you may also have to pay an additional administrative fee.

If you’re unsure of whether you’ll stick to a new gym routine, consider how affordable it is. This can make it easier to keep up with your new workout regime. Another consideration is convenience. For example, if you work long hours, you may want to find a gym that’s open 24 hours a day.

Many Crunch locations also offer specialty classes, such as Zumba, body sculpt, and yoga. There’s even a specialized class called Aerial / Anti-gravity yoga that can improve your flexibility and strength. In addition to these popular classes, Crunch gyms also offer Pilates, TRX, and spinning.