Ninja Gyms Near Me

Ninja Gyms near me offer an exciting way to get your heart rate up while keeping fit and healthy. Some of the best gyms are located near your home, and you can find classes for all skill levels. You can also book private or small group training, or a company event.

ninja gyms near me

Find Ninja Gyms Near Me

Westchester Ninja Gym

If you’ve ever watched the hit television show “American Ninja Warrior,” then you’ve probably heard of the Westchester Ninja Gym. This fitness studio is based on the show’s curriculum, which was created by Noel Reyes, a four-time American Ninja Warrior contestant and current Team Ninja Warrior competitor. Reyes hand-selected the coaching staff, which is dedicated to teaching the proper techniques for navigating obstacle courses.

For kids, the Westchester Ninja Gym offers camps throughout school breaks. These are generally a couple of hours long, and can help kids develop new hobbies and skills during break. Kids can also get exercise while having fun. Here are a few benefits of Westchester Ninja Gym camp:

The gym offers a wide variety of classes for all levels. You can start with a beginners class, or you can advance to an advanced class. The classes are taught by coaches with extensive experience in American Ninja Warrior. In addition to regular classes, you can schedule a birthday party at the gym. The classes will last for 60 or 90 minutes, and coaches will be available to answer questions and assist.

The gym has introduced a Ninja Room, which replicates obstacles from “American Ninja Warrior.” It features obstacles like the warped wall, quintuple steps, and original obstacles. The concept was created by Adrian Rodriguez, who reached out to former “American Ninja Warrior” contestant Noel Reyes. Reyes competed on the show for four seasons before he had a foot injury that prevented him from continuing.

The Westchester Ninja Gym also features Ninja Warrior classes that help you gain confidence and core strength. You can also find a variety of classes geared towards younger children. The kids can take a pay-as-you-go class or sign up for a full course. There are also mini warrior sessions that cater to kids as young as two years old. The gym even hosts competitions.

Phoenix Freerunning Academy

Located in Livonia, Michigan, Phoenix Freerunning Academy is a premier freerunning and parkour gym. It offers classes, workshops, and events for people of all levels and ages. As the only gym specializing in parkour in Michigan, it is the place to learn how to perform amazing feats! The academy is run by professional traceurs and offers a wide variety of classes.

The gym offers classes that combine gymnastics, obstacle courses, parkour, and Ninja challenges. These classes are designed to teach children how to complete physical challenges in a fun and rewarding way. Children as young as six can take part in the classes and learn new skills. The gym also offers camps and Open Gym events.

For adults, there are a variety of Ninja classes near Phoenix. Ninja Zone classes are available for kids as young as eighteen months. The classes are designed to teach students a range of skills while building character and discipline. The classes include exercises for both adults and children, and range from a quick warm-up to a full-on challenge.


BAMF FITNESS is known for its functional fitness training using body weight movements and different lifting techniques. The fitness center also offers personal training sessions. Whether you’re an experienced athlete or just looking to improve your fitness level, this gym is a great choice.

S.W.A.G. Kids Gym

If you’re looking for a kid’s gym in West Bloomfield, MI, you’ve come to the right place! This fun family-friendly gym is committed to helping kids gain confidence, good health, and a passion for physical activity. It offers a variety of advanced fitness equipment and instructors who can help your child succeed on their fitness journey.

Ralph Thompkins, the owner of S.W.A.G Kids Gym, has a passion for helping kids develop physical, social, and emotional skills. He graduated from Grand Valley State University in 2008 as a student-athlete and later volunteered at the Grand Rapids YMCA. His desire to serve children has remained strong throughout his life.

The walls of the obstacle course are decorated with sports jerseys of famous athletes from the area. Besides balance beams that wobble when used as jumping stations, the obstacle course also includes rock walls, monkey bars, and incline ramps for tumbling. A red carpet stage adds to the glitzy atmosphere.